60ª Reunião Anual da SBPC

A. Ciências Exatas e da Terra - 3. Física - 4. Física da Matéria Condensada


Felipe Vallini1
Newton Cesário Frateschi1

1. Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin - UNICAMP

Optical amplifiers are essential elements in analog and digital fiber optical communication systems. High linearity of the amplifiers is important for applications after modulation, pre-detection and for analog applications. Therefore, it requires high optical saturation power to eliminate the dynamical gain dependence with the instantaneous intensity of the pulse that are responsible for signal distortion and phase modulation. In contrast, a highly saturated amplifier allows big robustness in performance and a reduction of the sophistication (and cost) of micro-optic components, when used as a pre-modulation amplifier. Thus, under these two extreme operation conditions, we have the possibility of use the device in linear applications or in optical switches, respectively.

First a one cavity device was made to show that a semiconductor optical amplifier can be processed in our laboratories. At the sequence we start the fabrication of multi-contacts devices and see that it is possible to control the optical output power satutration.

In this work, we will show the preliminary results of semiconductor optical amplifiers based on high gain InGaAsP/InP quantum well structures for operation in the C-band that were fabricated in our laboratory. Also, we will present the possibility and the first results of a two-sections device for optical power saturation control.

It is possible to take control of the optical output power saturation.

Instituição de fomento: FAPESP / CNPq

Trabalho de Iniciação Científica

Palavras-chave:  SOA, Optical saturation control, III - V semiconductors

E-mail para contato: fvallini@ifi.unicamp.br