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Scientific Program

The Scientific Program of the 66th Annual SBPC Meeting will include several activities, such as conferences, panels, meetings, special sessions, and mini-workshops. Reputed researchers representing institutions from several Brazilian regions participate in such activities.

As was the case in previous editions, the Scientific Program will be organized by SBPC after analysis and approval by the Scientific Commission (comprised of directors of the Society, representatives of the hosting institution, and reputed researchers from several fields of knowledge), based on the proposals presented by SBPC and Scientific Societies, Associations or Entities affiliated to SBPC.

SBPC shall not accept proposals for activities submitted individually by people, groups or institutions. Those interested must submit their proposals through the Scientific Societies, Associations or Entities affiliated to SBPC for their area of research (which, possibly, have specific rules for proposing activities).

The Scientific Societies, Associations or Entities affiliated to SBPC are responsible for covering costs of transportation and accommodation for speakers of the activities they propose (and that are accepted by the Scientific Commission).

Researchers, professors, and students interested in exposing the results of their research may do so in a poster, by means of submission and acceptance of abstracts. There will not be any sessions for oral presentation.


Program will be available in June 2014.

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